Monday, 1 August 2011

Carry You

And huge your heart in my arms
When this world neglects you
I'll shield the harm

I want to carry you here with me wherever I go
I want the burden of you love to see
And your tears to hold
Don't care how far away our lives may be
I wanna carry you, and could you carry me?

I want to let you free
From these biting aches
When your heart's crushed by me
And it screams out in angst

Don't want to step or squish
Or stumble now on your feet
But that old waltz we dance
Is still there in memory

I want you to hold onto
My faith in everything
And feel my acceptance in every word I speak

Behind every smile there is a broken heart

My heart is breaking in me
It’s still you whom I adore
My tears are overflowing
You don’t love me anymore
I sleepwalk through each day
...I pray to heaven above
Hoping you will change your mind
But I know I’ve lost your love
I wish that things were different
I wish it were the way it was
But reality has no pity
It just happens the way it does
Will I ever feel any better
With days when I don’t cry
No matter what it’s time to say
Goodbye, my love, goodbye

New to blogging

ok so i'm new to this whole blogging thing, i just thought that it would be a good idea for me to post my poems, songs, quotes that i like and also tell you about my day to day life. the work that i produce really reflects my personality alot and everything that i write comes straight from the heart.
   i thought that blogging would be a good way to do this as i can stay annonymous but still post my work. i would like to stay annonymous as i feel that it would give me more confidence to post my work. also telling people about my day today life can be a struggle for me most of the time and as you probably don't know who i am then it makes it a whole lot easier. 


Tears are stupid.
Tears are worthless.
Tears are for the criminally insane.
Tears are nothing.
...Tears ruin everything.
Nothing is worse than them.
They are the bane of my existence.
Maybe because I can't stop mine.
Too much pain means too many tears.
And too many tears mean self-hate.
I know this.
But I can't stop crying.
I would give my soul for no more tears.
But what I want doesn't matter.
I just suck it up and keep smiling.
Even though I'm dieing,
from the inside out.
Tears are stupid.
Tears are worthless.
Tears are for the criminally insane.
Tears are nothing.
Tears ruin everything.
Tears have ended me.


No one understands the silence between my words

No one understands the sadness behind my smile

No one understands the unsaid feelings of mine

They think I am fine but only I know

daily I am dying...

I want to be happy again

I want to live those moments again

I am sick of wearing a fake smile..

I am waiting for the one who can really make me smil

New Life

A silent storm rages within
The evidence lies beneath your skin
The scarlet tears are no comfort now
You just want to survive somehow

Just see beyond this cloudy day
Don't focus on the skies of gray
A new dawn is coming, just you wait
New life is just a day away

I know the shadows feel so dark
And the light at the end has no start
Don't punish where you've done no wrong
Don't create pain where it doesn't belong

Let your wounds heal
Let your heart feel
Let the rain fall
You'll make it through it all

Missing Myself

When Rain Drops Fall On Me

When Blue Waves Touches The Glacier

When Dew Drops Fallen On Green Grass

Touches My Feet In Winter....

When There Is Silence After Storm And

Everything Is Brighter Than Before

When There Is So Much Thundering In the Sky

When Day Becomes Night....

When Glow Worms Dance On The River Banks

When I'm Standing Near The Window And

Moonlight falls On Me....

When The Snow Covered Peaks Starts

Melting In The Summer Time...

In every thing in every drop of "TEARS"

I m finding my self ....

Where Am I....???
Where is My "SOUL"...???
Where is My "LIFE"...???